名古屋FC EAST U-12 育成コンセプト

名古屋FC EAST U-12は、ジュニアユース・ユース世代に「世界に羽ばたく選手」の育成を目指し、日々計画的なトレーニングを実施しております。

Nagoya FC EAST U-12 aims at upbringing of "a player flapping in the world" in a youth use use generation and carries out premeditated training every day.
In a youth generation, "the feelings to a game" must let you sprout not to mention the thorough acquisition of the basic technology at the same time for the Golden Age.If I have "the feelings to a game", I obtain the minimum right that can become "a player flapping in the world" in a youth use use generation.
All the staff are devoted every day until now to bring alone up many "players flapping in the world" based on the results and the experience that it produced J leaguer, a representative from Japan.

名古屋FC EAST U-12 スタッフ

統括責任者 橋詰 誠
監 督 中尾 友也
コーチ 須崎 直幸 土屋 柾樹 岡田 拓也
中林 隆盛
半田 彪人 今西 樹

G K コーチ アシルオグル・セバハティン 原 田 裕 介   

名古屋FC EAST U-12 2018年度メンバー